We started this website with the sole purpose of Family/Friends/Acquaintances asking for recommendations on tech products and we suggesting the same

So, we decided to create a website and collate all our recommendations in one place thereby making it easier for us to recommend and redirect them to Amazon India for a subsequent purchase

As of now, we do not charge for any of the services offered, however Amazon does award us with a referral bonus for our recommendations and that benefits us in some form of benefit

Please Note:

  1. The prices on our website are in sync with that of Amazon. We do not charge anything extra
  2. All payments are processed via Amazon, we just redirect you to Amazon for the same
  3. From Product Purchase – Payment – Delivery : it is all handled by amazon and Gadget Depot has nothing to do with it

If you have any questions/queries, feel free to write to us using Contact Us

Thank You